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For knowledgeable, dependable, and experienced roofing contractors in Tampa, trust the experts at Ability Roofing Solutions who understand the forces of this region that wreak havoc upon our roofs. We have been serving the Tampa area since 1991 and know firsthand how destructive the region’s weather can be on any type of covering. We rely on these structures to keep us safe from the elements and to protect our homes. When they fail, property damage occurs which leads to more cost. In Florida, and especially Tampa, rain, strong winds, lighting, and in some cases, hurricanes, test our homes to the brink of destruction. Proper maintenance and repairs can not only keep you dry but also safe.


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One of the most important features to expect from any repair service is licensure and insurance. When it comes to roofs, this fact is no different. For one, it is a requirement for roofing contractors in Tampa to be state licensed and certified. If you hire an unlicensed repair man, you may save some money on the work but if that work causes damage or is done improperly, you could easily find yourself liable. Many insurance companies will not cover damage caused by unlicensed handy men. Being insured is just one more measure to make sure you remain free from any liability associated with the work being done. In the unlikely event that damage occurs, you can rest assured that we will work hard to make it right without any undue liability to you.


How many times have you hired roofing contractors in Tampa just to never hear from them for weeks, or even months, and they just come and go to do work without any word? At Ability, you will find that from the moment you contact our courteous and respectful staff, we like to treat you right and keep you updated about the progress on your home. The interaction between a business and a client is no different than any other relationship; to make it work requires good honest communication. We pride ourselves in having the reputation of offering a family feel to our customers. Not only will we keep you updated throughout the entire process but also – after! Our competent family team will still be here to answer any questions you might have after the repairs or replacements are finished.


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In addition to communication, trust is another important factor to any relationship, even more so with a business relationship. Ability roofing is one of the top rated roofing contractors in Tampa. To prove this, we will even provide you with an extensive list of references. Why would we do this? Because we look forward to adding you to that list! Since 1991, many individuals and businesses have put faith in our ability to do the job right. Installing materials correctly is very important. While it is true that many manufacturers today are offering lifetime warranties on their covering products, they must be installed correctly in order for them to honor it. Even the best product in the world is useless if a contractor does a poor job of applying it. With over 20 years of experience we have knowledge in proper install techniques for any type of roof. You can trust our ability to give you the best repair or replacement service no matter what type of roof you have.


Today there are quite a few options with the quality and durability to keep you and your home protected for many years. The most popular choices for roofs are 3-tab/architectural shingles, metal, concrete/ clay tile, and modified bitumen. Our qualified roofing contractors in Tampa can help you decide which covering is the best for your home or business and budget. Each has its distinct advantages. 3-tab/architectural shingles are the most common choice for their value. They offer complete protection and a classic wavy appearance with the most affordable price. Metal roofs are low maintenance and can typically last up to 50 years! The drawback is that they can be noisy during rain. A popular choice in Florida, concrete or clay tiles offer a very nice look to any home that typically last 25-30 years and virtually maintenance-free. Tile has a higher upfront cost but still offer great cost-effectiveness by being the most energy efficient option. Last but not least, the modified bitumen is a layered tar roof commonly used on the flat decks of businesses. They are known for their durability in extreme conditions. No matter what your needs are, our roofing contractors in Tampa have you covered.


To hire roofing contractors in Tampa with a reputation of being trustworthy and experienced, call Ability Roofing at 813.323.7802.

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