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Coastal and Hurricane Resistant Roofing Options in Florida


Though living right by the beach certainly has its perks, one of the biggest disadvantages is the constant threat of hurricanes. Fortunately, with modern technology and more research and information on how hurricanes work, there are many things in place that can protect you from hurricanes. One of the first things you should look into before you buy a house in Florida, or any coastal city, is hurricane-resistant roofs. 

With all the different coastal roofing options on the market, you might be wondering “which is the best for my home?” When considering roofing options for your house, there are 3 things you should think about: 

  • Wind Resistance

  • Impact of Storm Debris

  • Wind-Driven Rain

These 3 things are the biggest things that could impact your roof’s ability to protect you during a hurricane or storm. When choosing a roof, you’ll definitely want something that is most resistant to all 3 of these threats. So which is best? Here’s what Ability Roofing suggests, and the pros and cons of different roof options: 

Metal Roofs:
Roofing made from metal panels, usually made from steel, aluminum, or zinc. 

Pros: Resists corrosion from insects, salt, and water; withstands winds up to 160 mph, long lasting and durable, energy-efficient.  

Cons: Look is not very traditional and not most preferred by homeowners, however, you can get some metal tiles to look like…

Ceramic Tile: 
Roofing tile made from clay, typically with stucco siding on the house/building. 

Pros: Wind resistant up to 130 mph, easily recycled, resistant to fire, resistant to corrosion from sea salt spray. Very long lasting (50-100 years), come in many colors and styles.

Cons: Expensive (roughly $15 per square foot), often too heavy to comply with Florida coastline regulations.

Note: many of these pros and cons apply to Natural Slate roofing, which often does not comply with Florida coastline regulations due to its weight.  

Asphalt Shingles:
 Roofing made from a basemat and coated with an asphalt covering. 

Pros: Inexpensive at about $1-$1.20 per square foot. 

Cons: In all honestly, asphalt shingles are the worst option for hurricane resistance. They are not very wind resistant, can corridor easily, and will not provide much protection in a storm. 

Let Ability Roofing take care of all your roofing needs. With over 20 years of roofing experience, we are Tampa’s leading resource for everything roof installation, repair, and replacement. Our experienced technicians will advise you on the best hurricane resistant roof options and provide the highest-quality service. Visit our website to submit an information request or give us a call at (813) 323-7802.