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Roofing jobs can be expensive, so you want the job done properly the first time. Ability Roofing Solution’s experts are well trained to assist you with all questions you may have pertaining to your shield. The fact is that there are many options available to choose from when considering the right fit for your preference, such as architectural shingles, metal, concrete and clay tile, modified bitumen, and others to name a few. Our knowledgeable team will assist you every step of the way in making the tough decisions for residential roofing in Tampa.


Residential Roofing

When you think about a residential roofer in Tampa you probably think about a man that stands on top of your roof going to work on making a few repairs to damaged material. However, that is not the only thing that goes into this job. Our professional has done extensive training in order to get his license in this business. There are benefits to hiring a licensed roofer versus an unlicensed one. Our licensed experts can replace and/or repair your home’s roof and make sure that it will stay stable through any storm.


3-Tab/Architectural Shingle Roofs

This is the most common choice of roofing system. A 3-tab shingle is also the least expensive and appears as three separate shingles. Shingles require careful installation to create a uniform appearance and avoid a wavy look. The classic 3-tab shingle meets general roofing needs, fire resistant properties, and generally comes with the shortest warranty. For a longer lasting shingle that will stand up to the abuse that Florida often sustains, step up to an architectural shingle that will add a longer life, and more beauty to your home.

The architectural shingles are the most common choice and easiest on the pockets for homeowners. It is important that these shingles be installed precisely and carefully to achieve that uniform appearance many owners desire when considering residential roofing in Tampa. Metal ones last long, reduce homeowner’s insurance since it does not catch on fire, however it does make much noise when it rains. Tiles have many different designs to choose from, last for quite some time, and are relatively easy on the dollar as well. Modified Bitumen is used frequently due to its low cost and ease of repair.


Metal Roofing

Metal roofs typically last 50 years, whether it is made from copper, aluminum, or any other type of metal. They come in a variety of styles in order to fit personal taste. However, metal roofs tend to be noisy when it rains, and are prone to dent easily. One major advantage of metal roofs is that they do not catch on fire, which reduces your homeowner’s insurance.

Metal roofs are low maintenance and long lasting, resist decay, discoloration, and mildew. Metal roofing provides excellent performance in wind resistance, water, and snow, and is energy efficient. Honesty, professionalism, and top-notch craftsmanship are what you can expect from Ability Roofing Solutions.


Concrete / Clay Tile Roofing

Tile roofs typically last 25-30 years, and are available in a wide variety of designs, colors, and styles. Tile is virtually maintenance free, structurally superior, and lasts longer than most traditional roofing materials.
Tile roofs are also Class-A fire rated, which is the highest rating available. Properly installed, concrete roof tile remains one of the few roofing materials proven to withstand wind speeds up to 125mph.

Tile roofs are also your most cost-effective and energy efficient material choice. It provides better insulating properties than other material choices, is environmentally friendly.


Low Slope Roof Systems

Commonly used on flat deck roofs, this type of roofing is easy to repair and widely used due to its durability, low cost, and versatility. Typical guarantees are available up to 15 years. Low Slope Roof Systems require periodic maintenance and are prone to leak if neglected.

This material is available in many colors, but the most common are granulated white and black. Low slopes can also be coated with two coats of elastomeric to provide extended UV protection.


Roof Replacement

Roof replacement may be necessary for several reasons. It is an old building, it was struck by a fallen tree limb, or has suffered from weather damage. Tampa Bay is well-known as the “Lightning Capitol of the World.” Our summers are long, hot, and humid, hammered almost daily with frequent, heavy thunderstorms. Over time, the wind, the storms, the humidity, the heat, the intense sunlight relentlessly combine to aggressively wear down the surface of your roof. Failure to maintain a quality roof over your head can lead to leaky ceilings, mold infestation, roof caving, and much more.


Roof Repair

While some residents believe that small leaks and cracks that a roof might obtain over the years will not affect the overall structure, it’s best to attend to these issues before it’s too late. With all of the hazards that are out there, don’t be the last person to know how bad your roof is until it’s too late. The small problems you may think can wait a few more months can lead to larger, if not more costly problems, down the road. Having us evaluate all the ailments your roof has provides you with an overview of what we can do about it. We will acknowledge all that leads up to these issues, how they can be repaired now, and how we will be there for any future concerns one may have.

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